I'm afraid the bird will die

by Stefan Đorđević


Short music film / 6’ / 2022 / Drama

An isolated female commune prepares a young girl for the ritual ceremony of maturation. She is promised to marry a boy from a male commune after the ritual. Confused by the expectations needed to be fulfilled, the girl escapes with the boy she likes.

Country of production France and Serbia Support of National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image (CNC) Producer Eddy Co-Producer Servia Film Starring Jana Nikčević & Đorđe Davidović Music J.R. August Sound designer Luka Barajević Costume designer Biljana Grgur Editor Dragan von Petrović Production designer Dragana Baćović Makeup and Hair Jovana Vukosavljević Colorist Nikola Marinković Director of Photography Stefan Đorđević Written and Directed by Stefan Đorđević Produced by Nicolas de Rosanbo, Miloš Ljubomirović & Céline Vanlint