The characters of our film are neither particularly old nor quite young. They all have university degrees but they do not perform the jobs they are qualified to perform. Despite loving their homeland, they don't live there anymore. They are driving trucks across the USA.

Driving through the wild and picturesque scenery across America, our characters communicate via Skype with their loved ones in the homeland. On the road, they get all sorts of personal news. The truck cabin is the place where all their moments of happiness and sorrow are concentrated. At the same time an entirely different life unfolds in their homeland, a life that they are just seemingly a part of.

Status: in development
Format: feature-length documentary
Year of production: 2019
Anticipated Length: 52’ and 90'
Genre: observation documentary
Country of production: Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic
Language: Serbian, English
Producers: Servia Film, Cinnamon FIlms, Dok33, Sekvenca, MasterFilm
Development and Production support: Film Center Serbia, Delta Freight Systems
Director: Miloš Ljubomirović and Danilo Lazović